[Part 1 – 6] Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told [Documentary] 37

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  1. I viewed a good part of this series a few years ago, when postings about such subjects could still be found on youtube. I believe that Germany did wish for a peace treaty with Britain when Hess was sent there, and that Hitler himself may not have been motivated toward world domination. But the Nazi party did spring from the Thule Society, an occult organization, with ‘occult’ indicating ‘hidden’, and an ultimately dark agenda. Like Bolshevism, Nazism was heavily supported by those on the dark-side, such as Prescott Busch, Union Bank, the Harriman brothers, Freemason industrialist Henry Ford, etc. Had Germany won the war, I think it’s likely that Hitler would have been pushed aside by such forces at the opportune time. For those reasons, I think it’s a great mistake to assume that Nazism sought only to champion the welfare of its constituency. This series slants too far the other way.

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